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Misc. Article
Into the Drink - Scuba TV Show coming soon! | Misc. Article

Into the Drink - Scuba TV Show coming soon!

Views: 4428 | Date: Jul 16, 2009Author: Addict

I have been anxiously awaiting the TV debut of Into the Drink for quite some time now.  The crew travels to many dive destinations worldwide, exploring local culture, trying the cuisine and diving the reefs. 


Into the Drink is now a syndicated TV show set to Launch on several networks nationwide in January of 2010.



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Resort Review
Beqa Lagoon Resort, FIJI | Resort Review

Beqa Lagoon Resort, FIJI

Views: 4797 | Date: Jul 20, 2008Author: mcm007

Overall, I had a fantastic time at Beqa .. Beqa is an island off the main island of NADI in the Fijian Archipelago.

One mis-step I didn't count on was the 2.5 hour van ride from the airport to the port to ride a boat for an hour to the island in choppy water and a small boat.

However, on a positive note, we did get to see most of the island on the van ride.

There are many villages of all denominations , mostly fijian, indian and asian.

The people there were very friendly and outgoing.

Things here are on "FIJI TIME" which took some getting used to , considering the rush-rush of our normal, daily hectic schedules.


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Photo & Video
Turks and Caicos Video | Photo & Video

Turks and Caicos Video

Views: 4884 | Date: Jun 05, 2008Author: Addict

Well, the sharks sure were curious in Turks and Caicos (As you can see).  There is a high definition version on the vimeo website located here:

High Definition: Turks and Caicos

Or you can view the downconverted version below.

Please also check out our Turks and Caicos Explorer Review.


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Misc. Article
RECALL: Oceanic and AERIS SCUBA Regulator First Stages | Misc. Article

RECALL: Oceanic and AERIS SCUBA Regulator First Stages

Views: 4941 | Date: Dec 11, 2007Author: Addict

ROMI Recalls SCUBA Regulators Due to Drowning Hazard

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with the firm named below, today announced a voluntary recall of the following consumer product. Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed.

Name of Product: Oceanic and AERIS SCUBA Regulator First Stages

Units: About 6,000

Manufacturer: ROMI Enterprises, of San Leandro, Calif.

Hazard: An internal component that seals air between the high pressure first-stage and the intermediate pressure second-stage can fail. This can result in uncontrolled flow of air to the diver and pose a risk of serious injury or death.

Incidents/Injuries: ROMI has received two reports of units malfunctioning during diving and six reports of units malfunctioning while being tested by dealers prior to delivery to consumers. No injuries reported.



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Resort Review
Sunbreeze Hotel, Ambergis Caye, BELIZE | Resort Review

Sunbreeze Hotel, Ambergis Caye, BELIZE

Views: 4385 | Date: Nov 28, 2007Author: mcm007

I had done a live aboard dive trip to Belize a few years ago and loved it. We dive elbow reef, lighthouse reef and many other fantastic wall dives.

Thats what i thought when i was booking my trip here at Sunbreeze , only to be disappointed that those walls were a two hour boat ride away.

They have a nice reef, (no house reef by the way) and no shore diving . However all the dive sites were a convienient 5 minutes away.

San Pedro ( la isla bonita ) is far from it, it is dirty, dusty and need lots of improvements, we did rent a golf car for 3 hours , which is all you need as you can only go an hour each way on the island ( the roads are not paved ad full of bone jarring potholes). We went during the off season and the visibility was only 50 feet, lotsof particulate matter, which really affected photography. No overcrowding of boats, which they had 4 of. We did not do the blue hole as it was costly and I have dove some of the best holes in the bahamas.


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Undercover Diver
Turks & Caicos Explorer II Review | Undercover Diver

Turks & Caicos Explorer II Review

Views: 9087 | Date: Nov 19, 2007Author: ScubaChick

In 2007, Explorer Ventures is celebrating its 20th year in the live aboard industry.  The Explorer Fleet covers five different dive destinations:  Australia, Bahamas, Galapagos, Saba/St. Kitts, and Turks & Caicos. 

When the live aboard topic comes up, you hear fellow divers say, “All you do on a live aboard is eat, sleep and dive.”  Until you have actually had your first live aboard experience, you truly don’t have a complete understanding the experience.  Living in Colorado, I want to take advantage of my trips to the ocean.  So, when I go on a dive trip I want to dive!  And this is what you get with a live aboard.  At the end of the week on the Turks & Caicos Explorer II, I found myself saying words I never thought I would say, “Do I have to go diving?”  And I hadn’t even done all the night dives!


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Misc. Article
Sharkwater Movie Review | Misc. Article

Sharkwater Movie Review

Views: 5898 | Date: Nov 04, 2007Author: Addict

Sharkwater is a film by Rob Stewart.  It is a documentary style film that covers the shark finning epidemic.  Shark finning is the process of catching sharks, and cutting their fins off.  Sharks are typically thrown back into the ocean alive without fins where they sink to the bottom and drown.

Shark fins are most widely in Shark Fin Soup - a Chinese delicasy.  Once reserved for the wealthy, Shark Fin soup is now commonplace with the recent Chinese economy boom.  Considering there are virtually no laws restricting the finning of sharks, and the high prices paid for the shark fins - it has become a very profitable ocean industry, especially in the Caribbean.


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Photo & Video
Fisheye Fix Light HG20DX Review | Photo & Video

Fisheye Fix Light HG20DX Review

Views: 5340 | Date: Nov 02, 2007Author: Addict

While looking for a lighting solution for use with my Seatool video housing, I came across some people who had used the Fix Light HG20DX as video lighting, and they were pleased.  For a purchase price of $419.00, it was quite expensive for a single "flashlight" style of light, but I went with it because it was less expensive then a full video lighting system.  I also purchased the Fisheye rotary shoe base for $60 to connect it to my video camera.

The light shipped to me and was missing several parts.  I was told by the distributor that this happened with several orders, and was shipped the missing battery, charger, rubber battery cap remover, etc.  Once I got everything, I was able to crank this thing up.

The battery charger has a wierd quirk.  I fully charged the battery.  I had 4 green LED's that indicated it was fully charged.  I left it on the charger for a couple more hours and came back to it and it only had 2 LED's lit - indicating a half charge.  Strange.  This also happened one other time when we were charging it on a trip.  In addition, on 2 occassions, the battery claimed a full charge - but would not power up the light.  Taking the battery out and placing it back on the charger for a couple of seconds, then back into the light made it work again.


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Resort Review
Scuba Club Cozumel Review | Resort Review

Scuba Club Cozumel Review

Views: 4997 | Date: Oct 29, 2007Author: cbuck1962

March 2007

I went to Cozumel in March of 2007 with my son. We stayed at Scuba Club Cozumel and dove with the in-house organization, Scuba-Cozumel. This resort is all about diving and as the motto of the resort states, " a dive resort ran by divers, for divers ", that is pretty much the extent of the activities. The resort has an all-inclusive meals plan and the food is not bad at all. No beverages are included in the all-inclusive plan ( alcoholic or otherwise ).

The rooms are not bad but neither are they luxurious either. They do not have televisions but they do have wireless internet access. The beds are not very comfortable but they are not so bad as to preclude a good nights rest.


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Misc. Article
Lost Baggage - What Is Wrong? | Misc. Article

Lost Baggage - What Is Wrong?

Views: 3687 | Date: Oct 21, 2007Author: Addict

I usually save my rants for another of my websites, but I have reached the limits of my understanding and patience with the airline industry.  What is wrong?

We just returned from Turks & Caicos, and for the third trip in a row our luggage has been lost.  Our luggage was lost on our trip to Fiji in April, and also lost on our trip to Roatan, Honduras last October.

The reports from the US Department of Transportation's - Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) claim that the incidence of delayed or lost luggage is about 8 incidents for every 1,000 passengers.  So you basically have just under a 1% chance of having lost luggage (BTS Press Release).


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