Scuba Downloads

Scuba Diving Downloads


Here are some fun downloads for our users.

Scuba Addict Wallpaper

ScubaAddict Wallpaper


Wallpaper for 800x600 resolution desktops
Wallpaper for 1024x768 resolution desktops
Wallpaper for 1152x864 resolution desktops
Wallpaper for 1280x960 resolution desktops
Wallpaper for 1600x1200 resolution desktops

If your desktop size is not listed, download a smaller size, and center it as your wallpaper.

Quick Photo Resizer

Scuba Photo Resizer

This is from Microsoft XP Powertoys. It is a wonderful tool that allows you to quickly resize a single image or a folder of images.

Just download and install. Right click the image/folder you want to resize, then choose "Resize Pictures" and choose a size. Quick and easy!

Download Quick Photo Resizer

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