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Akumal, Mexico | Trip Report

Akumal, Mexico

Views: 3877 | Date: Dec 27, 2009Author: cbuck1962

I woke up early in May and after reading the news ( Mexico Drug Wars, Swine Flu ) and deciding that I wanted to live dangerously this vacation trip ( just kidding ), I booked a trip to Akumal, Mexico.

Akumal is about 65 miles south of Cancun. The highway bewteen the Cancun airport and Akumal is nicely maintained and the trip takes about 1.5 hours. I stayed for 9 days at The Grand Oasis Riviera Maya resort and booked diving through their on-site shop Blue Caribe. The resort was very nice for us although I have read reviews of others that were less than happy, but again we had no problems at all. The resort is an all-inclusive so all food and drinks are included. I suggest tipping occasionally although it is not required. If you do, it seems you get quicker service at the bars. The resort is for the most part a solid 3 star resort with it's location being more like a 4 star. The food and drinks were quite good, snorkelling in front of resort good, rooms clean and comfortable and grounds nicely maintained. I did not ever get really hot "hot water " in our room, but it was warm enough to shower in without issue. That was the only resort issue for us.


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Fiji Shark Dive - Aquatrek | Trip Report

Fiji Shark Dive - Aquatrek

Views: 10102 | Date: Jun 07, 2007Author: Addict

I am writing this review to be mostly separate from the Dive Op review for Aquatrek, Fiji that can be found in our Dive Op Reviews Section.

Silver Tipped SharkFirst and foremost - this dive is a MUST DO!!  The videos were shot by me, and my wife took the stills (she is the one with the red accented camera housing in my videos).

We dove with the dive operation that runs the shark dive in Beqa Lagoon (Aquatrek).  The 'Shark Dive' actually consists of 2 tanks, and we went 2 separate days for a total of 4 tanks - well worth the extra few bucks you pay for 'park fees'.  It is a straight shot to the dive spot (about 10 minutes).  Once you get there, the Dive Master's drop a huge trashcan of fish parts into the water.  Ramora city!  You get your dive briefing, then into the water...


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Disney Epcot Living Seas Dive Report | Trip Report

Disney Epcot Living Seas Dive Report

Views: 3856 | Date: Jun 22, 2006Author: mcm007

Greetings all. I was a bit skeptical at first when my friend mentioned that he dove Epcot's Living Seas. I saw the video he had and wasnt too impressed. However, I have since changed my mind.

It is very nice when they greet you at the front gate and bring you immediately behind the scenes.. The divemaster gives you a briefing of how they recycle over 35,000 gallons a minute of saltwater. How they make it, how they catch fish from reefs and then bring you throught the aquaraium and give a brief tour.

Then again behind the scenes to the laboratory where they study and nurse animals back to health and also the food processing area, Tag and release area, etc.


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Wreck Diving in North Carolina | Trip Report

Wreck Diving in North Carolina

Views: 5193 | Date: Mar 08, 2005Author: Stevs

Note: I began this report nearly two years ago but experienced some computer difficulties and set it aside were it was forgotten. I recently ran across a backup file and decided to finish and post it.

North Carolina June 2003

Although I had never really considered North Carolina as a dive destination I had read of the many wrecks located in the area. It was really my wife's idea she knows someone going to school there and wanted to check it out, of course she had no problem convincing me to go when I found out we would be right on the beach.


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Trip to Cabo | Trip Report

Trip to Cabo

Views: 5467 | Date: Jan 22, 2005Author: Stevs

An E-mail special from American Airlines set me to thinking. As winter was setting in on a long year I made the decision that I couldn't make it to springbreak without warm sunshine and clear water. (We already had St. Maarten booked for springbreak) From Kansas City most good deals are to Cancun and the Yucatan but after many trips there I wanted something a little different. I had considered Cabo for a few years but the airfare during the times when I could travel always seemed high (My wife is a teacher which locks us in to traveling during peak periods).

The deal gave us a choice between Fiesta Inn in San José and Fiesta Americana on the hotel corridor. Both were all-inclusive packages but the Fiesta Inn was a little cheaper and near town which I thought to be a plus for my wife who is not a diver but fluent in Spanish and enjoys dealing with Mexican trinket dealers. Also in my Yucatan mentality I figured all the resorts in the area would have deals with the area dive shops.


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Cozumel, Mexico - AKA Indy500 | Trip Report

Cozumel, Mexico - AKA Indy500

Views: 6825 | Date: Oct 03, 2004Author: ScubaChick

One word for Cozumel diving...Indy500! As we waited on the dock for our dive boat to pick us up, we were amazed at the number of boats. Big, small, all of them racing by headed for the dive sites along the western coast of Cozumel island. And when we got to the dive sites, you felt like an underwater tourist. In front of you, behind you, under you, and above you... divers! On some of our dives, I felt that we couldn't take the time to stop and enjoy the sites. You always had to push on.


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