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Site News is Back! | Site News is Back!

Views: 2887 | Date: Jun 12, 2007Author: Addict

We had some major events a while back that forced us to stop working on our beloved Scuba Addict.  As a result we lost some loyal visitors and contributors.  Well, we are hoping to regain their patronage, and gain more as we re-open and focus our time and efforts on providing a super-useful site for the scuba diving community.

If you saw us in the past, you can see that we have had a major redesign, well 5 major redesigns:

Scuba Addict Blue Scuba Addict Green 

Scuba Addict RedScuba Addict OrangeScuba Addict Yellow


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Scuba Addict Neglect | Site News

Scuba Addict Neglect

Views: 2867 | Date: Jun 22, 2006Author: Addict

Alright, my poor has been somewhat neglected lately. I've been overworked, and now, finally, I have a vacation to Maui for a couple of weeks.

I do have plans for a major rework of this site. I thought I could save time using a pre-packaged 'blog-style' software application. Well, I don't like it. I hate dealing with other people's code. So, I will be porting all forum posts, and articles, reviews, etc to a new site design. So keep posting!

This recode of the site will take some time, but I believe it will be worth it. I plan to have extensive Google Maps integration, a better forum, and article posting and photo galleries that are more user friendly.

Look forward to it!!


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Current Status of Scuba Addict | Site News

Current Status of Scuba Addict

Views: 2947 | Date: Oct 13, 2004Author: Addict

Hey all. Just wanted to give you an update on the status of Scuba Addict.

1. We have obtained our first t-shirt winner. The contest details can be seen 'here'. Congrats darkstar! Thanks for helping with the site!

2. We have launched an exclusive Undercover Diverâ„¢ program. The first reports in this category will be seen soon! For details Click Here.

3. I am currently working on more additions to the site, including: Classified Ads, Yellow Pages, and more...

4. We have had several businesses requesting advertising and are waiting in the wings while we gain more traffic. Our intention is to is to get free products and services for our members to review as opposed to cash for advertising purposes. This is quite unique - as our members get much of the benefits that can be gained by having a successful site!

If you are not a member and you are reading this, there is no better time to join and contribute. Our current membership (33 users as of 10-14-2004) is small enough to leave you with a high chance of receiving some of our benefits!

Thanks for helping us grow, and I'll have another update soon!


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Help your LDS! | Site News

Help your LDS!

Views: 2982 | Date: Sep 07, 2004Author: Addict

Do you have a favorite Dive Shop? Help them out and add them to our Yellow Pages Directory!

This feature has been temporarily delayed - coming soon!

Got more than 1? Add them all - it is completely free to add a business listing!

Thanks for the help in populating the directory!


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