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Beqa Lagoon Resort, FIJI | Resort Review

Beqa Lagoon Resort, FIJI

Views: 4797 | Date: Jul 20, 2008Author: mcm007

Overall, I had a fantastic time at Beqa .. Beqa is an island off the main island of NADI in the Fijian Archipelago.

One mis-step I didn't count on was the 2.5 hour van ride from the airport to the port to ride a boat for an hour to the island in choppy water and a small boat.

However, on a positive note, we did get to see most of the island on the van ride.

There are many villages of all denominations , mostly fijian, indian and asian.

The people there were very friendly and outgoing.

Things here are on "FIJI TIME" which took some getting used to , considering the rush-rush of our normal, daily hectic schedules.


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Sunbreeze Hotel, Ambergis Caye, BELIZE | Resort Review

Sunbreeze Hotel, Ambergis Caye, BELIZE

Views: 4385 | Date: Nov 28, 2007Author: mcm007

I had done a live aboard dive trip to Belize a few years ago and loved it. We dive elbow reef, lighthouse reef and many other fantastic wall dives.

Thats what i thought when i was booking my trip here at Sunbreeze , only to be disappointed that those walls were a two hour boat ride away.

They have a nice reef, (no house reef by the way) and no shore diving . However all the dive sites were a convienient 5 minutes away.

San Pedro ( la isla bonita ) is far from it, it is dirty, dusty and need lots of improvements, we did rent a golf car for 3 hours , which is all you need as you can only go an hour each way on the island ( the roads are not paved ad full of bone jarring potholes). We went during the off season and the visibility was only 50 feet, lotsof particulate matter, which really affected photography. No overcrowding of boats, which they had 4 of. We did not do the blue hole as it was costly and I have dove some of the best holes in the bahamas.


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Resort Review
Scuba Club Cozumel Review | Resort Review

Scuba Club Cozumel Review

Views: 4997 | Date: Oct 29, 2007Author: cbuck1962

March 2007

I went to Cozumel in March of 2007 with my son. We stayed at Scuba Club Cozumel and dove with the in-house organization, Scuba-Cozumel. This resort is all about diving and as the motto of the resort states, " a dive resort ran by divers, for divers ", that is pretty much the extent of the activities. The resort has an all-inclusive meals plan and the food is not bad at all. No beverages are included in the all-inclusive plan ( alcoholic or otherwise ).

The rooms are not bad but neither are they luxurious either. They do not have televisions but they do have wireless internet access. The beds are not very comfortable but they are not so bad as to preclude a good nights rest.


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The Pearl Resort - Pacific Harbour, Fiji | Resort Review

The Pearl Resort - Pacific Harbour, Fiji

Views: 7611 | Date: Jul 04, 2007Author: Addict

The Pearl Resort, FijiWe were booked into The Pearl resort in Pacific Harbour, Fiji by Aquatrek.  The Aquatrek Dive shop is located on the grounds of the Pearl resort.

After viewing the resort online we were excited to be able to stay there for the second week of our Fiji trip. As it turns out, this resort was not that great.

To start off with, we were supposed to have a ride waiting for us at the airport to take us to the resort.  That ride was not there, and the airport pretty much closed before we finally got the cab to take us to the resort an hour after we arrived.  A nice man at the airport helped us by contacting the Pearl to see where our ride was, and it seemed like they didn't have a record of us - it was kind of scary, not knowing what was going on.


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Garden Island Resort, Taveuni, Fiji | Resort Review

Garden Island Resort, Taveuni, Fiji

Views: 4343 | Date: Jun 12, 2007Author: Addict

Garden Island Resort is a small resort with about 30 rooms, located on the island of Taveuni.  They have an onsite diveshop (Aquatrek), beach volleyball, beautiful swimming pool, bar and resturant.  It is located oceanfront, with all rooms having an ocean view.  There is no sand beach at the resort.

The staff here was great!  They were extremely nice, as were all of the people of Taveuni.  If one thing really stands out about the people of this island, it would be how nice they are.


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Fiesta Americana COZUMEL | Resort Review

Fiesta Americana COZUMEL

Views: 4045 | Date: Jul 26, 2006Author: mcm007

Greetings, I am an avid trip reporter.
However, this is my first 5 star report. Not that I am picky, but I am a frequent traveler and have certain expectations , especially when paying good money for service.


I am a hardcore diver and so is my roomate. He went here 6 weeks before our trip, came back and booked another trip for he and I to go back.. thats how awesome it is.

I dove everyday 4 and 5 dives a day and the reefs were beautiful. Ask your divemaster to go to Palancar, Columbia and def. arrrange a trip to Punta Sur the signature dive of cozumel This dive is 135 feet so you must be an advanced diver/.


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Resort Review
CoCo View Resort (Hotel Review) - Roatan, Honduras | Resort Review

CoCo View Resort (Hotel Review) - Roatan, Honduras

Views: 6642 | Date: May 14, 2005Author: Addict

Hotel Name: CoCo View Resort
Address: CoCo View Resort, Roatan, Honduras
Reservations: 1-800-510-8164
Physical Resort: 011-504-455-7500 or 011-504-455-7461

Type of Resort: Moderate - All Inclusive

Cost: (per night): $121.43/night per diver (includes meals, diving, room)

Check-in: 7/10
Comments on Check-in: Check-in was quick. They had staff waiting for us that took us to our room, and pointed to things (main office, lunch area) on the way. It almost seemed too quick. We just didn't get very much info and were left with some questions. Once escorted to our room, we found various forms on our bed waiting for us, but had little to no direction of where to deliver them. You could definitely infer what needed to be done, but I didn't feel overly welcomed or informed. Granted, we didn't have to stand in line to check-in, and our luggage had been delivered to our room, we felt that for a smaller resort, the check-in could have been a little friendlier.


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Resort Review
Divi Little Bay (Hotel Review) : St. Maarten | Resort Review

Divi Little Bay (Hotel Review) : St. Maarten

Views: 7087 | Date: Apr 08, 2005Author: Stevs

Hotel Name: Divi Little Bay
Address: Box 961 Little Bay Road
Phone: 011-599-54-22333 Toll free 1-800-367-3484
Web Site:

Type of Resort: Moderate-All Inclusive (Economy, Moderate, Luxury, All-Inclusive)

Check in Rating: 3/10
We checked in just before Midnight and the person on duty couldn't find our reservations. After bumbling around a while he pulled his manager from the back office. Everything was confusing and they didn't try to communicate anything to us, so we just kind of stood there. The only bright side of this confusion was even though we took the cheaper rates "run of house" (their choice of room) we got nice beach view rooms.


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Pueblo Bonito Rose: Cabo San Lucas  (Hotel Report) | Resort Review

Pueblo Bonito Rose: Cabo San Lucas (Hotel Report)

Views: 4238 | Date: Feb 03, 2005Author: mcm007

We went to Cabo San Lucas in March 04 and were pleasantly surprised. My girlfriend is in charge of research and development for our dive trips. She mentioned we can have a great vacation and I could get some dives in lovely Mexico.

She suggested we stay at the Pueblo Bonito Rose Hotel.

Pueblo Bonito Rose

After many days of reviewing it on trip advisor I gave the final approval:

Trip Advisor: Pueblo Bonito Rose

We landed on-time in Mexico and not much fuss through customs. However, although in Mexico, Coronas are 5 Dollars at the door to the parking lot...


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Resort Review
Anthony's Key Resort (Hotel) : Roatan, Honduras | Resort Review

Anthony's Key Resort (Hotel) : Roatan, Honduras

Views: 6007 | Date: Oct 24, 2004Author: Addict

Anthony's Key Resort is an all inclusive resort that includes accomodations, meals and diving. It is located on Roatan, one of the Bay Islands, just off the coast of Honduras in Central America. Because this resort is all-inclusive, I will be providing 2 Undercover Diver reports. This one covers the room, meals, and location. The other report will include information on the diving facilities provided by the resort.

Overall Rating: 9/10

Hotel Name: Anthony's Key Resort
Address: Sandy Bay, Roatan, Honduras (Bay Islands)
Phone: 800.227.3483 (Reservations)

Type of currency used at location: U.S. Dollars. Others may have been accepted - but not sure.

Languages Spoken: English/Spanish. English was spoken very fluently among the staff.

Type of resort: All Inclusive

Cost: $117.85/night includes room, diving and meals (Key Superior Room)

Check-in: 9/10
Comments on Check-in: We were met at the airport by resort representatives. Before we made it through immigration, they had retrieved our bags for us. We never had to touch them until we moved them into our room - the staff took them from the plane to our room door!


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Resort Review
Fiesta Americana Cozumel Dive Resort | Resort Review

Fiesta Americana Cozumel Dive Resort

Views: 4620 | Date: Oct 01, 2004Author: ScubaChick


Our first impression of the staff was not a positive one. We, along with a bus load of other guests, arrived to check-in. There was only one desk clerk to handle the entire bus. After close to an hour of waiting, (and we were 2nd in line) additional staff was brought in.


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