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Sharkwater Movie Review

Submitted by : Addict
Date: Nov 04, 2007

Sharkwater is a film by Rob Stewart.  It is a documentary style film that covers the shark finning epidemic.  Shark finning is the process of catching sharks, and cutting their fins off.  Sharks are typically thrown back into the ocean alive without fins where they sink to the bottom and drown.

Shark fins are most widely in Shark Fin Soup - a Chinese delicasy.  Once reserved for the wealthy, Shark Fin soup is now commonplace with the recent Chinese economy boom.  Considering there are virtually no laws restricting the finning of sharks, and the high prices paid for the shark fins - it has become a very profitable ocean industry, especially in the Caribbean.

Press Play to view Sharkwater Trailer.

The young filmmaker, Rob Stewart teams with Paul Watson, a renegade conservationist.  We follow as they chase down illegal shark poachers, and go from pseudo lawmen to outlaws while working with govenments that have been corrupted by value of the shark fin.

From an educational standpoint this is a very important film, though it is probably most important to educate the Chinese.  I personally feel that as long as shark fin soup remains a popular delicacy, there are no laws that will stop the shark finning - it is simply too profitable.

For the scuba diver this film is a must see.  Be advised that there are some disturbing scenes, but they are essential to understand the brutality of the industry.  Please see for exhausive information on the film and the movement.



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