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Submitted by : Addict
Date: Jun 12, 2007

We had some major events a while back that forced us to stop working on our beloved Scuba Addict.  As a result we lost some loyal visitors and contributors.  Well, we are hoping to regain their patronage, and gain more as we re-open and focus our time and efforts on providing a super-useful site for the scuba diving community.

If you saw us in the past, you can see that we have had a major redesign, well 5 major redesigns:

Scuba Addict Blue Scuba Addict Green 

Scuba Addict RedScuba Addict OrangeScuba Addict Yellow

If you want to see the colors, you can change them in the upper right corner of the site, or they will also change on a monthly basis.

Scuba Reviews and ArticlesScuba Diving MapsWe have also added maps to our articles.  So now you can see the precise locations of the business being reviewed (well as precise as satellite imagery will let us get).  We are working on a map that will geocode all businesses that we have reviews for.  All maps can be dragged around if you wish to look around at the geography surrounding the focal point.

You can still contribute your own articles/reviews about resorts, dive ops, dive and more to become a contributing part of our collaborative scuba community.

Now you can add photos to our photo gallery easier.  Any photos that you upload to you albums our are immediately available to put into your articles/reviews.  Click a photo to get a better view!  These images really help your articles pop!  If you are a videographer and have relavent video, upload your video to, and we can add that to your review as well - making the possible multimedia experience of your personal article as in depth as a full-blown professional review.  Not that your articles need to have all of this, but it is available if you want to use it.

Scuba ForumsWe have upgraded our message boards and now they are a million times better then the old layout.  Much easier to correspond with other divers.

We still have our downloads section that will point you to useful tools.  From super-quick photo resizers to desktop wallpaper to full blown free image editing software (photoshop style) If you know of useful downloads, please let us know!

We are working to provide an attractive and useful site for divers worldwide (well english speaking anyhow), and hope that you will come back often!

Chad "Addict" Jensen


Jun 12, 2007
Join Date: Sep 2004
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