Dive Op Review

Liquid Adventures in Tofo, Mozambique

Submitted by : utterly
Date: Nov 04, 2010

This is the 9th dive trip i've been on (also to The Red Sea - twice, Thailand, Indonesia, The Caribbean, The Galapagos, Maldives, and Kenya) so I think it's saying a lot! In each case myself and one to 10 friends have gone to a dive centre in a great location and done at least five dives each. This time, myself and 5 friends dived with Liquid Adventures in March of this year (2010). We had an incredible time, so I felt compelled to write this article.

We stayed at the lodge which is on site called Bamboozi Beach Lodge, this meant just a few steps to get to the diving centre every day. We were picked up from Inhambane Airport and driven to the lodge which took about ½ an hour. Myself and one friend had already done our advanced course, three of the others had done open water and one of the guy’s girlfriends hadn’t dived before, so we were a mixed bunch but the dive centre organized it so that on lots of the dives we could all go together. The instructors and dive masters were all very friendly and they briefed us very well so we knew exactly what was going on and felt at ease even when there some big waves to contend with. They were also very specific in telling us that we mustn’t ‘touch or tease’ as they put it, which is think is really important! Sam and Lauren both did their advanced courses and Amilda did her open water course. They said that the instructors went through everything really well in the classroom and the pool, even going over a few things again at the bar in the evening.

I have all my own gear except (except for tanks) with me. After the first 2 days of me checking that it was all washed and put away safely I didn’t worry about checking, and it was always ready for me every morning. The rental gear was mostly in good nick, there appeared to be a small leak in Sam’s inflator hose on the second day, but it was just small bubbles so didn’t affect the diving, but it was fixed by the next day (I think by one of the instructors called Pierre who seems to be able to fix anything diving related!).

So, altogether over a week, I did 10 dives (we got the 10th for free!) Some were shallower, some deeper. Looking back at my log book I can really see how amazing it was! We saw turtles, dolphins, black tip sharks, white tip, manta rays and a marlin (mostly on the deeper dives) and lots of smaller stuff (nudibranch, batfish, harlequin shrimp, frogfish, angel fish, moray eels, octopus, tuna, baraccuda and much more!). On the snorkeling trip we swam with lots of whale sharks and dolphins.

On one of the days the waves were pretty big, so the thought of launching was a bit scary, but all the dive centre staff were there to help launch and once we got out there it wasn’t bad at all. I knew they had considered cancelling the dive but we really didn’t want to miss the trip to the famous Manta Reef, plus we knew that other dive centres around were going out. The dive master assured us that it would be fine and it looked worse than it was. The waves actually turned out to really help the launch – less pulling and pushing when the waves do it for you. There are some very sturdy ropes and foot straps to hold onto so it was all ok, and although the dive boats don't look brand new, the engines run very well. I did notice a brand new oxygen kit on board, which is always reassuring. The trip to Manta Reef was about 40 minutes as far as I remember, and negotiating those waves looked difficult, but the guy driving the boat – called Fernando -  seemed to really know what he was doing. Later in the day we hired surf boards and one of the local staff taught us how to surf. I was standing up (albeight for only a few seconds) and very proud of myself!!

We got to know our dive leaders pretty well, they gave us tips on what to do in the evenings and when not diving – so we were busy busy when we wanted to be and more relaxed and sunbathing other times. It seemed like the two instructors had a lot of experience ( I saw their log books – 100s and 1000s of dives!)even though they seemed quite young, and the dive master said she was quite new to the job but seemed to know the reefs like the back of her hand and could always help with any questions we had.

Like I said, we got our 10th dive for free and a discount on our other activities (snorkeling trip and kayaking trip). And because there was a big group of us and most of us did courses we also got another discount on top of that! The accommodation was great value for money, and thanks to tips from the people who worked at liquid we found some really good and inexpensive places to eat. 

I can’t say enough good things about Liquid Adventures, it was an incredible adventure. I’m planning on going back (if only for 3 or 4 days this time) so that I can see the humpback whales (we were there out of season for that last time. But they will definitely be there in September when I hope to return.


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