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Henderson H2 Hyperstretch Titanium Wetsuit Review

Submitted by : Addict
Date: Mar 03, 2015

Henderson H2 Hyperstretch ReviewMy wife has been diving for 9 years and she has been using the same SeaQuest 5/3/5 wetsuit the entire time, so I figured it was time we got her a new one.  When the salesperson at our LDS (A1 Scuba in Colorado) suggested the Henderson H2 Hyperstretch Titanium 5mm as being the "Caddilac of wetsuits", we figured we would splurge and spend the several hundred dollars to get the best for our upcoming trip to Indonesia in July of 2010. 

After 7 days of diving in Indonesia, we returned to Denver and hung the suit in the closet.  We should have carefully examined the suit at this time, but we didn't.

Henderson H2 Hyperstretch Poor StitchingBecause we live in Colorado and only take one or two trips a year, it didn't see the light again until our October 2011 trip to Grand Cayman.  Before our first dive we noticed the the seam on the knee appeared to be unraveling!  It appeared to be where the stitch came together with another, and it was likely that the stitching was not terminated properly.  With the small strands exposed, we tied them off so that she could continue diving, and we would address this with Henderson warranty when we returned to Colorado.Henderson H2 Hyperstretch Stitching is unraveling

We took it in to a1scuba immediately upon our return and realized we were outside of the warranty period of 1 year.  This is obviously our fault for not noticing the flaw after our first trip, but considering we dove one trip and the dive suit is obviously still in like-new condition, it seems kind of crappy that a top-of-the-line wetsuit like the Henderson H2 Hyperstretch would last longer then a single dive trip.


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