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Submitted by : Addict
Date: Oct 13, 2004

Hey all. Just wanted to give you an update on the status of Scuba Addict.

1. We have obtained our first t-shirt winner. The contest details can be seen 'here'. Congrats darkstar! Thanks for helping with the site!

2. We have launched an exclusive Undercover Diverâ„¢ program. The first reports in this category will be seen soon! For details Click Here.

3. I am currently working on more additions to the site, including: Classified Ads, Yellow Pages, and more...

4. We have had several businesses requesting advertising and are waiting in the wings while we gain more traffic. Our intention is to is to get free products and services for our members to review as opposed to cash for advertising purposes. This is quite unique - as our members get much of the benefits that can be gained by having a successful site!

If you are not a member and you are reading this, there is no better time to join and contribute. Our current membership (33 users as of 10-14-2004) is small enough to leave you with a high chance of receiving some of our benefits!

Thanks for helping us grow, and I'll have another update soon!


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