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Our reviews fall into the following categories:

Scuba Trip ReportScuba Trip Reports
Reports of trips taken by our users.
Scuba Trip ReportMisc. Scuba News
General information for scuba divers.
Scuba Trip ReportDive Op/Shop Reviews
Reviews of dive operations and dive shops.
Scuba Trip ReportScuba Downloads
Giving our users useable free downloadable items.
Scuba Trip ReportDive Resort Reviews
Reviews of hotels, resorts, and other places to stay
Scuba Trip ReportScuba Addict Giveaways
We occassionally give away stuff. Here are the announcements.

Scuba Trip ReportScuba Gear Reviews
Reviews of dive gear and news/recalls

Scuba Trip News
If something is going on with this site, we will post it here.

Scuba Tips and TricksTips and Tricks
Tips and Tricks to help your fellow diver.

Photo and Video ArticlesPhoto and Video Articles
Intended to help the reader get the best results from their photo equipment.


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